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Meeting Of Styles – 2018

Meeting Of Styles – 2018


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Best of 2016

Best of 2016

Street Art Collection

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  • New street art by thepinkbearrebel being sarcastic on the currenthellip
    2 days ago by i_support_street_art New street art by  @thepinkbear .rebel being sarcastic on the current US school shootings crisis!  #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #picoftheday   #streetart   #thepinkbearrebel   #backtoschool 
  • NEVERCREW just made a new project in Phoenix USA Thehellip
    11 hours ago by i_support_street_art NEVERCREW just made a new project, in Phoenix, USA. The work is called “El oso plateado and the machine” and it's composed by three different mural paintings, realized on the same building in downtown Phoenix. It's an historical construction, built in 1920. Over the years the building hosted a radio station and two newspapers and it appears in the initial sequence of Psycho, by Hitchcock. You’ll find out more about the particular title of this project on the "info sheet" on the dropbox link, with all the pictures. The series of walls was curated by Anne­Laure Lemaitre (FatCap).  #picoftheday   #isupportstreetart …
  • Dannish Artist Mikael B accomplished one of his dreams inhellip
    3 days ago by i_support_street_art Dannish Artist Mikael B. accomplished one of his dreams in the city of angels and shared with us his thoughts and the experience of creating his latest piece of work. The Art Share building DTLA. Art Share LA became one of the most recognizable buildings in the entire city in 2012 after London-based street artist INSA was selected to create a mural for its 9,300 sq. ft face. Now  @mikaelbrandrup  was invited to create a new mural and changing the face of this iconic building.  #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #mikaelb   #losangelesart   #picoftheday   #walls   #urbanart 
  • THE CARE OF KNOWLEDGE by mp5art This mural was paintedhellip
    1 day ago by i_support_street_art THE CARE OF KNOWLEDGE_ by  @mp5art  This mural was painted at the premises of the Women’s Documentation Center in the Spanish quarters in Naples, Italy. The Women's Center contains a gender library and an archive of documents on national and international feminist movements. In the same building, there is also an anti-violence center frequented by many women, from the neighborhood and from elsewhere. Unfortunately, only a few people are aware of the existence of this place, not even a plaque is hanging at its entrance. For this reason, They contacted the artist, with the idea of using his work to…
  • Choose Life by Wild Welva in Mazagn Spain UN Environmenthellip
    4 days ago by i_support_street_art Choose Life by Wild Welva in Mazagón, Spain. UN Environment Programme: 150 species extinct every day, unlike anything since dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago.  #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #pictureoftheday   #walls   #wildwelva   #urbanart   #dinosaurs   #extinction 


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BLOOP 2017

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Art Collaborations in NYC

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis


SAM Magazine

taged with Galeria Urban Forms

A bird on the wall – Bordalo II

A bird on the wall – Bordalo II September 17th, 2015

A new wall has risen with one more amazing creation by Junk artist Bordalo II.  This bird figure was made at Apus Apus, Kilińskiego 127  in the city of Lodz in Poland.

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‘Messy Desk’ New wall for Urban Forms

‘Messy Desk’ New wall for Urban Forms September 8th, 2015

Since 2009, every year Urban Forms festival of urban art takes place. This year they have started in September, with a new wall in Lodz by Messy Desk form Hong Kong. This will be marked on 6th of september as the big opening.

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SHIDA – Galeria Urban Forms wall #38

SHIDA – Galeria Urban Forms wall #38 May 9th, 2015

New wall, the first one this year, has been created as the 38th mural in the whole project of Galeria Urban Forms. The walls form an artistic trail open to everyone: citizens and tourists.

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‘Recycles’ diptych in Lodz.

‘Recycles’ diptych in Lodz. October 24th, 2014

Galeria Urban Forms has been extensively active during the last few weeks and this is the latest of the project in Lodz, Poland.

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New Wall carving by Vhils, in Poland

New Wall carving by Vhils, in Poland October 22nd, 2014

Portugese street artist Vhils, has recently finished this wall for Galeria Urban Forms project in Lodz, Poland. The work has been done during the IVth edition of the festival as part of large number of walls through out the city of  Lodz. The work is located on streets Kopernika x Żeromskiego. Enjoy the pictures by photographer Marek Szymanski.

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New Daleast wall in Lodz, Poland

New Daleast wall in Lodz, Poland October 14th, 2014

As the Galeria Urban Forms projects keeps growing a new piece by DALEAST (China) was created  in Lodz, Poland. It is the 33rd piece in the whole project. More walls from the IVth edition of the festival will be showing us soon! Untill then you can enjoy this master piece.

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New KOBRA wall in Lodz (Poland)

New KOBRA wall in Lodz (Poland) September 27th, 2014

New piece by EDUARDO KOBRA (Brazil) that he made in Lodz for the Galeria Urban Forms project in Lodz. This stunning wall is a tribute to Arthur Rubinstein. It is the 32nd piece in the whole project. Soon Soon more wall will be painted during the upcoming IVth edition of the festival.

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