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STFNV X ARMA17 in Moscow 2015-11-12

STFNV X ARMA17 in Moscow

Six years on the rise, Arma17 has made its way up to the top of Moscow’s underground scene. This mural is dedicated to another regular pop-up party of the club Arma17.

Currently a leading techno venue in Russia, Arma17 has become a home for the best. Ricardo Villalobos, Magda, Ellen Allien, Rhadoo, Raresh, Mike Shannon, Konrad Black, Sonja Moonear, Bill Patrick, M.A.N.D.Y., Ivan Smagge, Guy Gerber, dOP, Cassy, Alva Noto, Zip, Cabanne, Maayan Nidam, Vera, Deadbeat, Dualism. — this is only a part of the list of the artists who come to play here again and again.



The artist of the project: Stefanov Artem [ STFNV ]

Muralist and graphic designer from Moscow, member of the art group ZUKCLUB. He’s been making graphic design and monumental art since 2007. As part of the art group Artem has been developing art projects, making layouts and adjusting the process of painting. The artist participated in more than 30 international festivals (in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, India).


Other artists who took part in the realization of the project:
* Sergey Kipriyanov
* Maksim Malyarenko
* Sergey Belikov

Arma17 takes its name from the number of industrial building — the place the first events were held — situated at former gas-holding facility in the historical part of Moscow, dated 1865. Building was destroyed by the fire in January 2009. Since then, the club is not attached to any specific place, Arma17’s team sees its future in becoming an international phenomenon and work hard to make it.
Working with the sketch the artist used the mobile application Glitche ( to create distortions needed (liquify) and to get the effect of the channel offset (chills).

The area of the painting: 1584 m2
Adress: Moscow, Berezhkovskaya nab. 20/73
The page of the event:


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