SCALE WALL PROJECT in Munich 2017-08-15


A great project was recently developed with 15 artists attending from different parts of the world with a shocking result of more than 9 walls being decorated that turned the old Campus of Siemens into a place, essential to visit for the lovers of Street Art.One of the most interesting aspects of this project is the mixture between young urban artists with artists of the “old school” which is a double look to the origin of the movement linked to graffiti with names like the crew The Stone Age Kids and with interventions of artist that are more connected to streetart, such as Jana & Js.

Organized by Angelika Man, Daniel Man and Melander Holzapfel , ISSA was able to talk to Daniel Man not only an organizer but also a project artist like CODEAK.

“It was inevitable to participate as an artist and I could not remain just as a spectator, I started painting in the streets but then I have also developed a career as a multidisciplinary artist. I have painted several years with DAIM in different places of the world like, Sao Paolo, and from there we have established contacts with many of the artists who are painting in this project. We have proposed artists from different generations because we are interested in that exchange.  I deeply admire the young people who work with passion and the quality is immediately appreciated”

Artist in SCALE WALL project:

Aryz (ES), Axel Void (USA), DAIM (D), jana&js (AT/FR), LOOMIT (D), Daniel Man (D), Okuda(ES), Os Gemeos (BR), Sainer (PL), SatOne (D), Stone Age Kids (D)

 Here are the Walls:

“Layermania” Collaboration by Daniel Man & Mirko Reisser (DAIM)

The term joins concepts worked by DAIM who has painted another piece called Monomania  in the past, with elements usual in the work of Daniel Man silhouettes and layers  and they decided to put the title Layermania.


“HARMONY” by SatOne & AxelVoid

This mural is based on an image taken in 1945 of the atom bomb in Hiroshima, Japan. The concept of this wall takes a more objective or anthropological standpoint with the effort of understanding our nature through this manmade landscape. Harmony alludes to our misconception of what is natural or harmonious. We take our self out of the picture, or define our worst behavior as unnatural or disrupting harmony. But we partake in composing the term, inevitably we are a part of the ecosystem and therefor inherently natural and harmonious.
Formally, this mural is a juxtaposition of our interpretation from the same image, with the intention of creating a dialogue between them. (Text: SatOne)

scale wall

ARYZ and OsGemeos in collaboration with LOOMIT and Peter

OsGemeos had already painted in Munich in 1999 which was their first work in Europe, eighteen years later this project involves a reunion with some colleagues like Loomit who have known since. In its mural there is a participation of Loomit in the jacket that incorporates a typical landscape of the Bavaria and of Peter in a lateral letters on the image of the Train.



ARYZ knew OS Gemeos well after having painted with them in other occasions (they shared wall in Lodz Polan) nevertheless in this project they share parallel walls but with different interventions.




OKUDA – jana & Js

Okuda one of the most present Spanish  urban artist in the current international artistic scene He painted his personal tribute to the worldpridemadrid a claim to love and freedom.



Jana & Js share a glance choosing for their intervention a couple inserted in an urban landscape using their identity with the stencil technique and their interest in architecture in the change of time.



The Stone Age Kids flank one of the sides under the watchful eye of the refugees staying in a nearby building. Their typography and color are like a silent cry that demands a look at their reality.

They are a legendary style bombing crew from munich city in wild west germany, founded in 1987. Active until today, the crew consists of 15 members here NEON, LANDO, SCOUT and SCUM will represent the honoured name of this timeless crew. All four artists are part of munichs oldschool hardcore stylewritingmovement from 1983 to 1986. After going seperate ways for two decades, developing different carreers in the field of creating visual illusions, these selected artists combine their skills and experiences to show the force of cooperative teamwork.

In the passageway also several interventions speak of struggle and resistance.

LOOMIT One of the most veteran artists on the German scene proposes a door to the ocean accompanied by whales.


SAINER “Time moves slow” A melancholy image about time and landscape.

If you decide to visit this place  more walls will come to your meeting we don´t want to reveal everything …


SCALE WALL PROJECT sponsored by @ParArtLab

Hofmannstr 63, München





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