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Urban Forms Foundation / Poland 2015-03-11

Urban Forms Foundation / Poland

Urban Forms Gallery:  Lodz city centre, Poland.

Urban Forms Gallery is the main project of the foundation. It is a permanent street art exhibition in a public space in Lodz. As for now, it consists of over 30 large format paintings, murals, created directly on the side wall elevations of buildings placed in the city centre. They form an artistic trail open to everyone: citizens and tourists. As taking care of the high artistic value of the whole undertaking is fundamental, we invite artists who are world leaders in creating street art in public spaces.
The gallery is situated in a unique architecture of Lodz city centre with blank walls along main streets. It also refers to cultural heritage in the form of numerous and well preserved advertisement murals created between 1960 and 1980. Because of this, Lodz becomes an important centre of street art in Poland and in the world.

Urban Forms Foundation was created in 2009. It  focuses on a broadly defined city culture and on organizing, promoting and supporting independent artists’ initiatives in a public space. They want to change city space by raising its quality and aesthetics. We find artistic activities as important tools in education and social revitalization.

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‘I Support Street Art’ supports, as a media partner, this extraordinary Street Art wonder – assisting in the spreading of information and documentation colaborating directly with the organisers. We wish that every city would establish such a greatfull cause through this form of art!

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OGARNA Project: Gdansk, Poland

OGARNA 2.0 project is a complex and multilayered revitalisation of Ogarna Street. The main goals of the project are: renovation of chosen elevation parts and decorating them with artistic arrangements; building greens and elements of small architecture; organising and coordinating events and actions that will integrate inhabitants of Ogarna Street into the process of revitalisation and earn their support for the project. As result of the project OGARNA 2.0, the currently ugly, forgotten street in the very heart of Gdansk Old Town will regain its earlier beauty and charm.

The project OGARNA 2.0 is realised by Urban Forms Foundation from Lodz in cooperation with the City of Gdansk. The process of project’s realisation was very unique — it was based on direct and close cooperation of the City of Gdansk, Urban Forms Foundation and local citizens from Ogarna Street’s community housing.

Artists lineup :

Mariusz Waras “M-City”
Daniel Kaliński “Chazme”
Krzysztof Syruć “Proembrion”
Wojciech Kołacz “Otecki”
Bartek Świątecki “Pener”
Łukasz Berger “Cekas”
Adam Kłodecki “Theos”

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