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Nuart Festival has produced the first ever series of curated Street Art buses as part of their on-going project to establish Stavanger as the world’s first ‘Art City’.
Internationally renowned Street Artists Add Fuel (PT), Ernest Zacharevic (LT), Martin Whatson (NO) and Hama Woods (NO) have created the first four designs for a total eight buses. The first, Add Fuel’s ‘Rosemaling’ inspired design, is already in circulation, with the others to be introduced intermittently over the coming weeks.

In collaboration with the local bus company Kolumbus, each artist has transformed a standard issue bus into three-dimensional, mobile artworks. Add Fuel, who typically reinterprets the traditional ‘azulejo’ tile designs of his native Lisbon, took inspiration from the traditional textile patterns synonymous with Stavanger. Hama Woods’ design is specially commissioned for Kolumbus’ new el-buses – which run solely on electricity – while Ernest Zacharevic’s design channels the spirit of Mondrian and Martin Whatson’s includes a trademark tapestry of multi-coloured graffiti.

Kolumbus administrate the public transport in Rogaland County. From Monday to Friday, 85,000 journeys are registered daily on the company’s buses. The first four designs mark the beginning of a long-term partnership between Nuart and local bus company Kolumbus to produce a series of curated ‘Street Art Buses’ over the next three years.

ADDFUEL design

ADD FUEL design

Art City

The project is the latest development in Nuart’s long-term strategy to establish Stavanger as the world’s first ‘Art City’ through producing a public art programme that runs alongside and finds convergence points between Street Art and the region’s Smart City programs. The intent being to develop the region as an international ‘hub’ and destination for Street Art culture all year around.

“Nuart’s goal is to make art a part of people’s everyday lives: to bring art out of museums and galleries onto the city streets. This collaboration with Kolumbus is just one of the many ways in which we are able to achieve this goal” said James Finucane, General Manager at Nuart Festival.

Live Kolstad Kvalsvik, Advisor for Kolumbus said: “These mobile artworks allow even more people to see and experience Nuart Festival. Nuart profiles Stavanger in an exciting way and makes Rogaland a better place to live and work, fully in line with our vision. We are very pleased with the results and looking forward to getting all these great buses on the road.”

Nuart Festival 2016 takes place from from 8-11 September.


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