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“GENESI” new mural of Bosoletti in Italy 2018-05-23

“GENESI” new mural of Bosoletti in Italy

The Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti  painted an new mural in Italy and as always it is mind blowing! 

“Close your eyes. I am the light.

Walk on my rubble. I am the fire that rebuilds them.

Get closer to my belly. I am the cosmos that breathes.

Entrami dentro.”

From the big bang to Prometheus, from the Copernican revolution to the cults of the sun, from the incandescent core of the Earth that radiates energy to the palpitating heart of lovers burned by passion, the fire was always celebrated by men as the principle of creation and destruction, illumination and purification, of a tangible and immaterial entity at the same time, which, by mutating, remains the same, discordant harmony of all things, the primordial force that regulates the law of opposites.

Mediator between gods and men, between spirit and matter.

A vital principle that reabsorbs in itself all that has been generated from it and that from it must be born again. Fire is the theme of the three interventions created by Francisco Bosoletti in Bonito, a town redesigned by the destructive power of landslides and telluric movements, even so, generous with the fruits of the earth. The three images are connected to each other to form a single evanescent figure. The female belly, representation of the universe, hides the cosmic egg, the primordial nucleus of vital energy.

Her hands hold the liquid gold, the vital spark present in all things.

Her eyes invite us to follow the tenuous luminous thread that guides our lives in the labyrinth of the world.

More photos:

Bonito, Italia.

May 2018.

Organized by: Collettivo BOCA.

Photo by: Antonio Sena

Text by: Giuseppina Ottieri


Amazing piece Bosoletti!!


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