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November 10, 2018 to November 29, 2018

44309 Gallery presents the next two artist show, DOES and Miguel Angel Belinchon Bujes (BELIN)


Belin, born in Linares, Spain, creates large-scale portraits of distinct characters that feel realistic and caricature-like at the same time. Their large heads and the dynamic, colorful designs behind them lend the works an eye-catching surrealism. It’s the type of work that makes you look twice and marvel at the power of a few spray paint cans. Belin did not receive formal training. He drew from a young age but not until 1995 did he pick up a spray paint can. His talent got him noticed by Von D and others and last year he traveled to Miami for Art Basel. Belin’s hometown and L.A. find common ground in the ever-present threat of buffing.


Voice over – Short Docu: Magic Water and video

The basis for my work is still the letterform. From that basis I can go in many directions. The forms that arise tend to be abstract, but to the trained eye the letterform can still be recognised. I have always been inspired by a diversity of elements that, in the first instance, have drawn me to the world of graffiti; like raw walls, desolate buildings, moonlit train tracks, the anonymity and the suspense going with these elements.
What drives me is the desire to leave something behind. History should not be lost. This is almost at right angles with the transience of graffiti. After all, you never know if the mural you leave behind is still there the next day. I have always looked for ways to combine the various elements that influence my work and to bring components from the outside world into my indoor studio work



Rheinische Straße 16

Dortmund 44137

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Take opportunity and join the opening event on Saturday 7pm – 10pm

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