‘Dream’ by Millo in Pescara 2017-10-07

‘Dream’ by Millo in Pescara

The artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, recently made a mural in the city where he was artistivally born and from which he left for the five continents. In fact, in Pescara, the artist returns to paint after twenty years of absence and does it in great style on a surface of ​​more than 190 square meters.

Millo chose to work in the Fontanelle district, in order to spotlight this decentralized area of ​​the city.A woman, a trite-flesh of memories and a child’s room at the center of the sterile and alienating metropolitan scenario of our day.

With primary colors, fleeting brushes, essential features, Millo’s “Dream” is about traditions, dreams and hopes, despite the grungy of contemporary cities, populated almost exclusively by palaces and cars.

The artistic direction was entrusted to the Collective Pepe, a landmark for the area of ​​creativity and urban sensibility. After the recent experience with the Street Art Festival at Città S.Angelo and the usual annual appointment with Behance Portfolio Review, the organizers have been involved with the organization of one of the largest murals ever made by Millo.

About Millo: 

Born in Mesagne (BR), after architectural studies, he carried on a personal aesthetic research in the field of painting, focusing on the relationship between an individual and urban space, alternating between macro and micro scale. In fact, his characters, exaggeratedly disproportionate to the scenario in which they are placed, represent the human being in his solitary condition in the metropolis. Paintbrush technique, black and white with color spells, to represent a world, the many worlds of Millo (#milloland). He painted in Russia, China, USA, Australia, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and, of course, Italy. His works have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and several cities in Italy.



Artist Millo Link: http://www.millo.biz/ 

PEPE COLLECTIVE – http://www.pepecollettivo.it/
Based in Pescara, Pepe Collective is a non-profit social promotion association. It consists of six interwoven branches, the result of Italian and international tours in advertising, art, digital photography, and music. Six guys who have decided to invest in the land they live and work for watering ideas that do not know boundaries. All activities are the result of the work of each member and the support of entrepreneurs, trade associations, professionals, artists and all those who believe in culture as a means to grow from an economic and social point of view.

Comune di Pescara

Sikkens, D’Addazio Noleggi, Cosmocolor, Dima Costruzioni snc.

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