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Meeting Of Styles – 2019

Meeting Of Styles – 2019



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Best of 2018

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International Public Art Festival

International Public Art Festival

9-17 Feb 2019 / Cape Town




A New Generation of Muralists

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

SAM Magazine


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New wall by New Art pair CHISME

New wall by New Art pair CHISME 04/08/2019

For years people fled from villages making us believe that being a town is the only right choice to be successful and happy. (more…)

”The Secret” by Dan Ferrer

”The Secret” by Dan Ferrer 03/11/2019

Check out the latest piece art of Dan Ferrer. “Recently artists Bezt (Etam Cru) and Natalia Rak from Poland, visited Spain to create two murals in “M.A.P.” (more…)

Street Art in Ghent

Street Art in Ghent 02/15/2019

Unlike many other cities, Ghent’s street art legacy developed from the bottom-up, rooted in the passion of local artists and their connections to international artists whom they invited to paint. Giulia Blocal writes: (more…)

Diana mural by Gio Pistone

Diana mural by Gio Pistone 11/19/2018

Diana” is the title of the latest work by Gio Pistone, and it is dedicated to the Goddess, known in the Roman world as Diana and in the Greek world as Artemis. (more…)



Riccardo’s works are characterized by the emphasis on anatomical features of the human being. He focuses particularly on the lights and shadows that define the shapes, looking for a softness and depth of neoclassical sculpture. All this is superimposed on eccentric and colored background that alienate his works from traditional painting and bring them closer to a pop posterization. (more…)

Marelle Franco mural by Alessio Bolognesi

Marelle Franco mural by Alessio Bolognesi 06/03/2018

She used to be described as a creature made of light. Marielle Franco, the Brazilian politician and human rights activist was brutally murdered on March 14, 2018. (more…)

2nd mural by Urbanact for “Athens 2018 World Book Capital”

2nd mural by Urbanact for “Athens 2018 World Book Capital” 05/13/2018

This is the second and latest mural realised on the side wall of an Athenian Primary school by artist ”Life In Color”, choosing Homer as its theme. Urbanact’s action “Painting School Buildings-Libraries” is part of the “Athens 2018 World Capital of Book”, (more…)

Science project in Rome (Folchi Street)

Science project in Rome (Folchi Street) 03/04/2018

Lessons from the Past and Challenges for the Future. The Science Hall of Fame has been presented on Friday February the 2nd, at the Galleria Nazionale by Francesco Prosperetti, Special Superintendent of Archaeology, Arts and Landscape of Rome, Tiziana Coccoluto, Chief of Cabinet of Mibact, Marta Branca, General Director of the L. Spallanzani Hospital, Graffiti Zero’s Matteo Colavolpe, Curator of the project and the three artists involved in the project in Folchi Street. (more…)

MP5 new feminist mural project: The Care of Knowledge

MP5 new feminist mural project: The Care of Knowledge 03/03/2018

MP5 created a feminist mural in the premises of the Women’s Documentation Center in the Spanish quarters in Naples, Italy. The archives of the Center and its anti-violence desk are a collective treasure, a richness that must be treated as an active element of the community. The artist honoured this heritage with his creation hoping to help the cause of the Center. (more…)


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