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Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Best of 2016

Best of 2016

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Machachi / 8- 10 December 2017

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BLOOP 2017

23 Aug - 9 Sept 2017 - IBIZA

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

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TIC TAC NO Anamorphic Art – Leon Keer

TIC TAC NO Anamorphic Art – Leon Keer 11/16/2017

Talented street artist Leon Keer, has presented his latest Anamorphic land art on the grass field of the airport festival grounds in Venice Florida. For the 10th anniversary of the Chalkfestival the team created a piece (more…)

Matriarchy – New wall by MP5

Matriarchy – New wall by MP5 11/07/2017

Here is the last work of MP5 which was realized in the industrial outskirts of Perugia, (IT) on Via Orazio Tramontani. The title of the work is MATRIARCHY. The artist has sent us some images along with some words that reflect the thoughts alongside his creation. (more…)

New mural by Chor Boogie

New mural by Chor Boogie 10/23/2017

Love Child is the new mural from artist Chor Boogie, who was invited by the Punto Urban Art Museum in 24 Peabody St. Salem, MA @ Lafayette and Congress. (more…)

DOURONE ‘s mural for Ecodis in France

DOURONE ‘s mural for Ecodis in France 10/10/2017

The mural L’HUMAIN LIBRE D’ABORD IL RAISONNE ENSUITE IL CROIT (The free human first it reasons and then it believes) was created a few weeks ago at ECODIS, a leading company in France of distribution of organics and ecological non-food products. (more…)

Nuart 2017: John Fekner

Nuart 2017: John Fekner 10/02/2017

Street art pioneer John Fekner was back in Stavanger after his piece “Broken Promises” (Nuart 2014), which –in turn- was originally stencilled in 1980 on a decaying building in New York to highlight the inadequate housing and poor services afflicting the South Bronx. (more…)


“URBANARTVENTURES VOL2” in Volos, Greece 09/27/2017

Social awarenes has been the main focus of the extended project co-organised by Urbanact and Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. from Dresden in Volos, Greece. Supported by the local Municipality of Volos, this was the second edition of “Urbanartventures” (more…)

Bifido + Julieta xlf in Greece

Bifido + Julieta xlf in Greece 09/24/2017

Italian street artist Bifido, recently visited Volos (Greece) and made a new project in the neighborhood of refugees. (more…)

Nuart 2017: Slava Ptrk

Nuart 2017: Slava Ptrk 09/23/2017

Moscow-based Slava Ptrk has taken part in the 17th edition of Nuart Festival with two outdoor murals, both stenciled and yet completely different from each other. First of all, Slava Ptrk painted “Poppies” on the side of the hotel Havly in downtown Stavanger. (more…)

The Blind leading The Blind – by YOLA

The Blind leading The Blind – by YOLA 09/20/2017

Polish born street artist Yola (Jola Kudela) was recently invited to take part in this year’s Art Festival CONTEXTS2017 in Sokolowsko Laboratorium Sztuki, Poland. Her project, “The Blind leading The Blind”, consisted of a 70m2 paste up and a video “I choose not to”.  (more…)


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