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Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Best of 2016

Best of 2016

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Machachi / 8- 10 December 2017

BLOOP 2017

BLOOP 2017

23 Aug - 9 Sept 2017 - IBIZA

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

only in realistic

Encumbering machine by NEVERCREW in Kiev

Encumbering machine by NEVERCREW in Kiev 10/01/2017

“Encumbering machine” is the title of the latest mural painting realized by NEVERCREW in Kiev (Ukraine) for the Art United Us project, 2017. It communicates the troubled relationship between humanity and nature, while depicting a mammal in distress! (more…)

Mino di Summa

Mino di Summa 09/09/2017

Mino di Summa (born in 1986) , graduated from Instituto Statale d’Arte of Grottaglie (Italy) and has a bachelor of science degree in Architecture at La Sapienza University of Rome. For fifteen years he has been in close contact with the artists of the cities, keeping the passion for art and especially for painting. (more…)

Manolo Mesa

Manolo Mesa 08/15/2017

Manolo Mesa is a Spanish artist born in Cadiz (Spain). Graduate in the School of Fine Arts combines his pictorial practice in the street with his work of study. (more…)


Sfhir 08/14/2017

Spanish artist born in Madrid. He has been fascinated by drawing since childhood, his beginnings in graffiti go back to 1995. In his works combines graffiti with various tools such as airbrushes, pistols, brushes or rollers. (more…)

’Dog Daze Of Summer’ by Telmo Miel

’Dog Daze Of Summer’ by Telmo Miel 08/10/2017

Street Art duo TelmoMiel from the Netherlands recently finished a new mural in Eugene, Oregon (USA). It was made for the 20×21 EUG mural project. It is titled: ’Dog Daze Of Summer’, inspired by the relaxed mood summer offers to dogs! (more…)

Mother Universe mural by Carl KENZ

Mother Universe mural by Carl KENZ 08/06/2017

The beauty of the disintegration and the autonomy of nature becomes legible as soon as you enter the Pfaff area. The abandoned buildings of the 21 acres large area sustain, between decay and glittering finiteness, many leftover traces of use and vacancy. An industrial area, which produced Pfaff-sewing machines for more than 150 years and became world famous, has now come to a standstill. (more…)

Silo Mural in Nashville by Guido Van Helten

Silo Mural in Nashville by Guido Van Helten 07/15/2017

An abandoned concrete silo looms over The Nations neighborhood, eerie and empty. The historic Nashville landmark was nearly torn down. Instead, it’s becoming the centerpiece of the community’s redevelopment. A 15-story painting is unfolding, revealing an elderly man who lived nearly all his life within sight of the silo. (more…)


Anopsy 07/06/2017

Anopsy – female graffiti/street art portraitist, based in Amsterdam (NL) born in Poland, 1985.
Her portraits tend to be colourful and very often cut in a collage resembling manner or distorted. She usually paints on the walls in Amsterdam.



Johannesburg-based street artist paints a giant lion in Manhattan to raise awareness for endangered wildlife. Best-known for his large-scale street art around South Africa, Sonny has just completed an enormous 10-meter-high mural of a majestic lion, that looks down over the streets of Lower Manhattan. (more…)


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