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Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Meeting Of Styles – 2017

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Best of 2016

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BLOOP 2017

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis


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Hotel Murals project wins award in Las Vegas

Hotel Murals project wins award in Las Vegas 02/13/2018

The Plaza Hotel Murals project curated by Global creative house Justkids in partnership with Life is Beautiful Festival has been awarded with the top prize in public art by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman. (more…)

167Art Project in Lecce, IT

167Art Project in Lecce, IT 12/31/2017

Last October up to November 2017 a fascinating project was realized called 167Art Project. Artistic performances were applied on 4 big facades of public housing in the heart of neighborhood called 167B. (more…)

Millo’s latest murals in Shanghai

Millo’s latest murals in Shanghai 12/12/2017

Italian street artist Millo, who paints large scale murals in simple black and white lines and occasional colour, has just finished two new mega murals in Shanghai, China. The works which have an element of architecture seem to bless the surrounding area. Their content expresses inner thoughts and habbits. Check out the works and enjoy tha magic of Millo! (more…)

Nevada’s eroded Coaldale

Nevada’s eroded Coaldale

Coaldale, Nevada, had a continuous population from the 1880s until it was abandoned in the mid-1990s. During the last 20 years the town has eroded, shredded, collapsed. Technically Coaldale is a ghost town somewhere on the scale a bit above neglected. (more…)


Achilles 12/03/2017

Achilles is a Greek street artist born in 1986. He lives and creates in Athens mainly street art, graffiti and painting. He is a freelancer with a large portfolio of  murals, portraits, paintings, illustrations etc. His Fantasy style is quite particular and surely is among the avant guard of the Greek street art scene. (more…)

Julieta XLF and Bifido at Saint Rafael Church

Julieta XLF and Bifido at Saint Rafael Church 11/18/2017

Recently, artists Bifido and Julieta XLF, spent some days working at a new project together in Buñol, a little village close to Valencia (ES). The mural is titled ‘EGO’. (more…)

TIC TAC NO Anamorphic Art – Leon Keer

TIC TAC NO Anamorphic Art – Leon Keer 11/16/2017

Talented street artist Leon Keer, has presented his latest Anamorphic land art on the grass field of the airport festival grounds in Venice Florida. For the 10th anniversary of the Chalkfestival the team created a piece (more…)

Dan Ferrer wall in Outreau (France).

Dan Ferrer wall in Outreau (France). 11/15/2017

“COMMUNICATION” is a piece created by talented Dan Ferrer with spray and plastic paint on wall in Outreau (France). This mural was curated by the town hall for a public building, specifically the cultural center. (more…)

MIKA creates “Rescue in a sea of ​​flowers”

MIKA creates “Rescue in a sea of ​​flowers” 11/05/2017

The new MIKA wall ” Rescue in a sea of ​​flowers ” now decorates the premises of a French business while bringing art into the business. (more…)


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Interview: Rosh333

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