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Meeting Of Styles – 2019



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Best of 2018

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International Public Art Festival

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A New Generation of Muralists

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

SAM Magazine


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Splash and Burn Presents REWILD from ESCIF

Splash and Burn Presents REWILD from ESCIF 09/11/2019

REWILD is the latest campaign from creative initiative by Splash and Burn and Spanish artist ESCIF The Rewind symbol is carved into a palm oil plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia, within a new forest restoration site covering 360 hectares on the borders of the Leuser Ecosystem. (more…)

Embrace your true self with Syuan Yun in Taipei

Embrace your true self with Syuan Yun in Taipei 09/06/2019

Young and energetic, yet smart and mature; these are the most common impression you can have on her. This is our second mural artist Syuan Yun. (more…)

Nespoon new murals in Belorado

Nespoon new murals in Belorado 08/27/2019

Polish artist Nespoon was invited to Belorado in Spain by the independent cultural organization StARTer Proyectos Culturales, led by curator Estela Rojo and an artist Regue Fernández, (more…)


BerriBlue 08/10/2019

BerriBlue is a young, female street artist. Originally from Poland, she now lives and works in Portugal. She works mainly through paste-ups, which she paints at home in her studio. Her work deals with themes such as mental health, femininity, sexuality, and mortality. She currently has pieces up in Porto, Lisbon, London, and Dublin.
She previously went by “JTB” and was quite well known in Dublin under that name, with her work featuring in “Inside Out” a book about Irish street art. (more…)

Cristina Daura mural reflects human introspection

Cristina Daura mural reflects human introspection 07/20/2019

Cristina Daura made this month the mural of 12+1 of Barcelona, ​​bringing a vision of the human mind, through emotions, thoughts and memories. is an illustrator from Barcelona with a particular style, an approach to the mix between classic comics and Fauvism.



KiriLEigh 07/05/2019

KiriLEigh is a self taught artist specializing in murals and large canvas artworks. She mostly create large mandalas, sacred geometry and patterned pieces of art in offices, lobbies and fitness studios.


RafaMOn 06/07/2019

Visual artist Rafa Monteiro, or just Rafa Mon – is from Monte Sião, Minas Gerais. She began her career working with fashion design, but she soon began to venture into plastic arts, her great passion. (more…)

Yasja Ligtelijn mural in Iceland

Yasja Ligtelijn mural in Iceland 04/24/2019

The title of Yasja‘s latest project is`Into the Freezer’. Created in Iceland Yasja explains what a wonderful experience it was for her in many different ways. (more…)

Bright new Contorno Urbano mural by Cristina Lina

Bright new Contorno Urbano mural by Cristina Lina 04/11/2019

British artist Cristina Lina creates a fun and colorful mural in the Cotxeres Borrell civic center thanks to the 12+1 project. The Contorno Urbano Foundation has created a new mural within the 12+1 project in Barcelona. (more…)


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