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Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Meeting Of Styles – 2017

Best of 2016

Best of 2016

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Dont miss:

Budapest / 19- 20 August 2017

BLOOP 2017

BLOOP 2017

23 Aug - 9 Sept 2017 - IBIZA

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Art Collaborations in NYC

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

only in colours


ISAAC BARREDA 17/08/2017

Isaac Barreda was born in the Peruvian capital of Lima. In this bustling city of more than 11 million inhabitants he has created a tremendously jovial expression through his craft of painting. Drawing inspiration from such influences as spiritual scriptures from diverse cultures which Isaac paints to an urban design. (more…)


SCALE WALL PROJECT in Munich 15/08/2017

A great project was recently developed with 15 artists attending from different parts of the world with a shocking result of more than 9 walls being decorated that turned the old Campus of Siemens into a place, essential to visit for the lovers of Street Art. (more…)

Mother Universe mural by Carl KENZ

Mother Universe mural by Carl KENZ 06/08/2017

The beauty of the disintegration and the autonomy of nature becomes legible as soon as you enter the Pfaff area. The abandoned buildings of the 21 acres large area sustain, between decay and glittering finiteness, many leftover traces of use and vacancy. An industrial area, which produced Pfaff-sewing machines for more than 150 years and became world famous, has now come to a standstill. (more…)


LEDANIA 04/08/2017

LEDANIA is a street artist based in Bogota, Colombia. A true art persona involved in many types of expression. She is known for her complex and colourfull murals.  With a touch of magic and slightly mythological! She studied Visual Arts at the Javeriana University. Her nickname is the union of Leda, the famous female seduced by Zeus in Greek mythology, and his first name. (more…)

Popay creates whole city on school wall in Chernigiv

Popay creates whole city on school wall in Chernigiv 03/08/2017

High-rise buildings, highways with cars, trees and citizens became the heroes of new incredible mural by French street-artist Popay on the wall of school #20 in Chernigiv, Ukraine. The mural was created within the frame of Mural Social Club: Back to School! 2017. Small details, such as varicolored stained-glass windows in buildings, a steam, that goes from ventilation and shows us full life after the windows. (more…)



LLEGANDO A TU DESTINO (arriving at your destination – in English) is the name of the new mural Dourone made in Estepona, Spain. The mural depicts a woman from the back about to arrive at her destination. The flowers an element very present in this work was inspired by the area. (more…)

J Mundinger & S Hirsch and their European project

J Mundinger & S Hirsch and their European project 31/07/2017

The project Between Stopovers is both, point of departure and documentation of a journey that takes the artist couple Sophia Hirsch and Johannes Mundinger from Kehl on the river Rhine via Belgrade to Krakow and Vienna.Chosen at first for merely practical reasons, the trip’s succession of intermediary stops yet becomes its conceptual frame – the conjoining element between these places is their function as a journey’s stopovers. (more…)

Let’s Colour Walls of Connection

Let’s Colour Walls of Connection 24/07/2017

We currently inhabit a world that has been building more walls than ever before, separating communities, neighborhoods, cities and countries creating a sense of separation, exclusion, danger, and limitation. More walls are being built everyday, and destroying those walls is not the key anymore. MasterPeace aims towards transforming those Walls of Separation into Walls of Connection. (more…)

Festival Inspire – 13 New murals in Atlantic Canada

Festival Inspire – 13 New murals in Atlantic Canada 21/07/2017

Festival Inspire striked again. Greater Moncton cityscape in Canada is now an open gallery of 31 murals by international and local artists. The third edition brought 13 exceptional new ones from July 10 to 16th. Once again, the festival brought Greater Moncton a full week of cultural activities with 70 events and out-of-the-box experiences. Here are the murals that were made and an outline of what went down! (more…)


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