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Meeting Of Styles – 2019

Meeting Of Styles – 2019



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Best of 2018

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International Public Art Festival

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

SAM Magazine


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Fasim 06/27/2019

Fasim is an urban artist pioneer in Spain. In 1986, he met Henry Chalfant in Barcelona for a development meeting that set the style and the design of urban art for young Fasim. This gave rise to the development of different styles almost unknown on the Spanish peninsula, including the “Wildstyle” with its distinct style and character. (more…)

Massive mural in Boras by Shai Dahan

Massive mural in Boras by Shai Dahan 06/26/2019

International artist Shai Dahan just finished my largest mural of my career, which also happened to be the largest outdoor mural in Sweden. Nearly a 1000 square meters work of art.


New Mural by INTI in Moscow

New Mural by INTI in Moscow 06/22/2019

“РАБОТНИЦА”(Worker Woman) is the title of this majestic wall recently made by acclaimed street artist INTI. The mural was made to honour Nameless heroines covering a massive facade of a building in the center of Moscow.  (more…)

Thiago Mazza mural for VukovArt 2019

Thiago Mazza mural for VukovArt 2019 06/21/2019

Invited street artist Thiago Mazza, was one of the 5 artists that were chosen to leave their inspirational mark in the city of Vukovar/Croatia for VukovArt Festival 2019. His work reflects on the beautifull and rich nature of Croatia which he has honoured on this large scale wall. (more…)

MOTS – New Mural Project – for Stray Dogs

MOTS – New Mural Project – for Stray Dogs 06/19/2019

This mural was made during Mural Fest Tirana and is dedicated to the stray dogs of the city. The problem of homeless animals is very visible in Albania, (more…)

Vukovart 2019 – Give me 5 (Recap)

Vukovart 2019 – Give me 5 (Recap) 06/17/2019

Vukovartart harbour is a concept that promotes Vukovar city, (Croatia) as a place that accepts all artists, creators of today’s new values. (more…)

NEVERCREW mural in Giessen (DE) for River Tales Festival

NEVERCREW mural in Giessen (DE) for River Tales Festival 06/15/2019

An overall vision, the perception of the whole and of humankind’s position within it. A position that’s a weight in a balance, and a responsibility that demands to become aware of it, of proportions and of imbalances. (more…)

Etnik & Made514 Combo Wall in Randers (DK)

Etnik & Made514 Combo Wall in Randers (DK) 06/14/2019

ETNIK’s last wall in Randers (DENMARK) in combo with MADE514. The wall represents the city of RANDERS: according to the architecture of this city, (more…)


ASCS 06/13/2019

A Squid called Sebastian” (ASCS) was born in Belmont’s small town Massachusetts. There, at a very young age, she first came into contact with her art of graffiti. He was immediately fascinated by it, although it was almost non-existent in Belgium, where his family moved in 1989. Nevertheless, he and his family traveled a lot and was able to see and be inspired by many classic renaissance and surreal masterpieces. (more…)


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