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Euromobili: art on the wall

Posted: 02/15/2017
Expiring: 31/07/2017
who calls: Euromobili
contact email:
contact number: 085 8071089
location: Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE), Italy
the prize: euro 1500,00.
Euromobili: art on the wall

Euromobili: art on the wall“: art on the wall” promoted by Moca srl owner of the brand Euromobili – storia e design dal 1959 and by Associazione Culturale Defloyd organizer of the project Arte Pubblica, to realize a wall painting outdoor at the Euromobili – storia e design dal 1959 showroom, situated in Statale 80km 94+700, Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE), Italy.

The artists will be called a site specific work (April 2017), attributable to business of furniture factory, starting from the history of the company, from his know how, to improve the building.


It’s expected a prize money of euro 1500,00.

It can participate at the call every artist that that they had just realize wall paintings.


The company Moca s.r.l., the owner of the brand Euromobili – storia e design dal 1959, announces a call for the selection of an artist to create a mural artwork on the exterior walls of the showroom Euromobili – storia e design dal 1959, located in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Teramo (Italy), SS 80km 94 + 700. The company Moca s.r.l. will cooperate with the cultural association Defloyd on the coordination of the project. For several years the cultural association Defloyd has organised urban art performances as part of the project Arte Pubblica (

THE COMPANY The company was founded in Mosciano Sant’Angelo (Teramo) in 1959 under the name of Mobilificio Monaco (Monaco Furniture), while the store EuroMobili has been open since 1972 in Mosciano Stazione. The company is closely linked to the territory and in particular to the small town of Mosciano Sant’Angelo, known as the “Town of the Furniture”, due to its large number of artisans and skilled carpenters. Later the company name was changed to Mobilificio Fratelli Monaco SAS. On that occasion, the “three M- logo” was created: a mark that represents the family, their hometown and their business sector: M as Monaco, Mosciano and Mobilificio (furniture store). The Monacos created a logo which was not only related to their family, to their city and their territory, but it was also an expression of their business activity, which today is headed by Mariano Monaco. He wanted the original M to be in every company logo, as in Moma centro cucine, Maras shop calligaris and Mybigsofa … divani di qualità, to refer both to the past history and to the name of the present owner. EuroMobili showroom is a landmark for high-design furniture in the Abruzzo Region. Over half a century of tradition can be found in one place, where elegance and taste merge to select the most prestigious and valued brands. The company boasts a solid experience and is forward-looking. The showroom is a laboratory of ideas, where a team of professionals gather together.

PURPOSE The purpose of the project is to create a mural artwork. The artist will have to start from the company’s history, from its know-how ( to decorate the building. The work should remind the activity of the furniture store but it does not necessarily have to be tied to a specific design item. The passer-by should be able to relate the artwork to both the company and to the town of Mosciano Sant’Angelo, historically known for its furniture crafts. An exhibition of the sketches, which will be sent by the applicants, will be staged in the showroom spaces. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the presentation of the mural artwork and it will be open for a week.

TECHNICAL FEATURES The work will be created on a portion of a concrete wall (10m X 9m). At his discretion, the artist may also use the upper part of the entrance façade, which is adjacent to the main wall. The artist will be allowed to use sprays, acrylic or quartz paints. Other mixed techniques are allowed, provided they are thoroughly described in the technical project attached to the application form. The Client shall bear all the expenses for equipment, materials and logistics. All other logistic issues related to the realization of the artwork will be defined later.

REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION National and international artists, without any limitations, are allowed to submit the application for the selection. SELECTION PROCEDURES A panel of experts will evaluate the applications that comply with the requirements and will select the best candidate. The selection criteria are the following: – Evaluation of the sketch; – Evaluation of the artistic idea; – Relevance to the context; – Feasibility in relation to the available resources. If the applications received do not meet the expectations of the Client from an artistic and conceptual point of view, the committee will reserve the right not to make a selection and cancel this Call for experts. The failure to identify the best candidate will not legitimise any demands for compensation, indemnity or reimbursement.

SCHEDULE The mural artwork shall be carried out in April 2017 and must be completed within 6 days.

RULES OF PARTICIPATION AND APPLICATIONS SUBMISSION DEADLINE In order to participate in the selection, the application must be sent to the following email address:, and copied to, within and not later than 20 March 2017. Please enter the following in the subject filed: “Avviso di selezione_ progetto Euromobili: art on the wall_ name and surname and stage name (if any) of the artist”. You will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt. The application email should also include: – Application form containing stage name (if any), artist’s name and surname, residence address, place and date of birth, telephone number, email (PDF format); – Artist’s portfolio containing a photographic documentation of at least three mural artworks; – Description of the project (PDF format); – Colour sketch of the work in A3 format; – Scale Photomontage (in A2 format) or 3D render, in order to give the final perception of the work; – Technical dossier containing the specific needs relating to materials and equipment (PDF format); – Signed front and back copy of ID card. Each artist may submit up to three proposals. If the application is submitted after the deadline or is incomplete and/or it contains false statements, it will be deemed ineligible for evaluation. The best work will be selected no later than 03 April 2017. The decision will be communicated to all the candidates by mail and it will be posted on the website of the company, of the cultural association Defloyd and on the social network of the project Arte Pubblica. By participating in this competition the artist allows the company Moca s.r.l. and the cultural association Defloyd to use the material received in order to stage a non-profit art exhibition inside the Euromobili showroom of Mosciano Sant’Angelo (Teramo). The committee reserves the right to select the best sketches. By submitting the application, the artist expressly accepts this Call for experts in full and waives any objection to its contents and procedures. PRIZE For the realization of the artwork, the winner will be awarded a prize of 1,500.00 Euros (gross), inclusive of travel expenses. The settlement procedures will be determined according to the Client’s and the artist’s needs. The Client shall bear board and accommodation expenses.

PROJECTS PROPERTY AND COPYRIGHT Without prejudice to their exclusive property rights on the projects submitted to the contest, by accepting the Call, the participants give consent to their disclosure accompanied by the author’s name, acknowledging that it does not create any right to receive compensation and/or refunds for any reason.

LIABILITY The participant is the guarantor of the originality of the project submitted to the competition and will be personally responsible to any third parties claiming an infringement of their rights. Under no circumstance will the company Moca s.r.l. be deemed responsible for the rights on the originality of the works or for third parties’ publishing rights. By accepting to carry out the work, the winner assumes the obligation to restore the original condition of the wall at his own expense and refund the cost of the materials used to the company Moca s.r.l., in case the work is interrupted and/or left unfinished for any reason ascribable to the artist himself/herself.

PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA . Please note that the company Moca s.r.l. is responsible for the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003. The data provided by participants in the selection will be treated by the company solely for the purposes related to the selection and to manage the contacts with the selected artist. The data processing will be based on the principles of fairness, legality and transparency, and will be in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 and of the security measures.

ANNEXES Application form Annex 1 – photo of the wall; Annex 2 – photo of the wall; Annex 3 – photo of the wall; Annex 4 – photo to be used for photomontage. For further details write to: Mosciano Sant’Angelo, 16/01/2017


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