Archivist’s Circle by SWOON 2017-08-12

Archivist’s Circle by SWOON

What’s the Archivist’s Circle? A little explanation by top female artist Swoon on what, where, when, regarding her latest project which focuses on all of her older works:
”I’m gearing up for my first major retrospective this fall in CAC Cincinnati.”

Swoon Braddock (5)

”Looking back over the last 18 years and trying to make sense of it is totally wild.
This show is a first of its kind for me in a number of ways, not least of all because it’s the first time that I synthesize the entire story of my creative progression, from the moment that I turned away from oil painting and began to carve my first linoleum blocks for the street, to the home building work in Haiti, (and everything in between) into a single exhibition. I’m beginning to understand this show as a coming of age story.”

We’re rediscovering so many old, rare, nearly lost pieces, that we decided to make a site just for them. It’s called the Archivist’s Circle, and, at its core, it’s a chance for anyone who’s enjoyed or supported my work over the years to now be a part of supporting this pivotal moment.

For it I’ve chosen pieces that were seminal to me in some way — the first linoleum block print carved for the street, the first ever full figure paper cut-out, the small construction fence project which many people have asked me about over the years, but which I’ve never made available before — these works are all part of the site.

Some of the work, like the Subway Windows, or the Wallpapers exist in collectible series, and our collection of them will rotate. Others we’ve re-created small editions for, and others there’s only one of. And because we’re having so much fun with the unearthing, we built this body of work to go all of the way from old school tiny stickers, up through complex installation boxes, so, there’s lots to explore.

Because we’ve never tried to crack the vaults on the full scope of my work before, the process is necessitating a budget that’s beyond the normal museum budget required to create an installation, and that’s where the Archivist’s Circle comes to the rescue. If you’d like to be a part of making this show happen, go to the site, and also share it with friends and other collectors. You guys are, and have always been the wind in my sails.
Wish us luck, and thanks again!!

With love,

More about SWOON in our interview here

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