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Abstract anamorphic circle by Truly Design 2016-01-18

Abstract anamorphic circle by Truly Design

Truly Design team has painted a big anamorphic piece at Vans and The North Face headquarters in Switzerland last month. Located inside the company building, it is a piece of art that will blow your mind.

Made to be fully observed from one specific point, the creation is a simple cyrcle but it has been nothing like it in its creation. We are lucky to have a foto of the exact point of view required to see the marvelous outcome. Enjoy the pictures we received from this fabulous crew!

Truly-Design-2015-VF-interior-office-decoration-anamorph-circle-detail-2 Truly-Design-2015-VF-interior-office-decoration-anamorph-circle-detail

Below it gets more exciting…..


And finaly the cyrcle you were seeking!


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