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Abandoned Tel Aviv by Jens Besser 2018-03-12

Abandoned Tel Aviv by Jens Besser

German artist Jens Besser recently visited Israel and explored some abandoned places in Tel Aviv. As many Street artists often try to explore cities they travel to and leave their mark Jens Besser explored and found some some great spots to paint his art. Enjoy his adventure!

He found places like an abandoned bar, a weapon factory and a big abandoned place that was show by the local artist Klone.

Here is the feedback by Jens about his stayed in Tel Aviv:

“During my stay I explored various abandoned factories and also painted stuff in the streets.
Before I went to Tel Aviv I did my research on abandoned spots and found out that Tel Aviv had an history of painting in abandoned factories and on facades of abandoned buildings.”

Artists such as Klone painted a lot in abandoned spots.
”When I arrived I found still some spots to paint – also an abandoned former bar which was completly clean.
Some parts ( yellow papers ) of a work I did in the abandoned bar I took back home to continue working on them.
I collect various papers from different works done in different cities to finally make a magazine out of it.

But a lot spots had been turned down or it was harder to reach them – such as the former weapon factory „Magen“ .”

”After painting four days intensively in different neighborhoods of Tel Aviv I met Klone and he showed me a painting spot in the area of his studio. Klone told me about the graffiti & street art history, that years ago Tel Aviv looked like a big abandoned spot – walls everywhere.
You can still find spots, but in some Neighborhoods most walls are covered – e.g. Florentine. And in my eyes the qualtiy really varies from total trash to well done.”


”Near the studio of Klone I painted a more quick and rough work. This work is part of the series „Murals of The Future“.
In the series I try to reflect about my origins – e.g. illegal quick working in the streets with sticks and splahses.”

Here are more photos of his trip:

Thank you Jens for the inside view of this historical city and also the work you did!

Tomás Cardoso//ISSA Team

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