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“GENESI” new mural of Bosoletti in Italy

On: big walls / black & white / characters / graffiti / village art / walls /

The Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti  painted an new mural in Italy and as always it is mind blowing!  (more…)


Anthea Missy paints LGBTQ mural for Brussels Street Art Tour

On: big walls / female artist / graffiti / inspirational / walls /

A new mural of approximately 80m2 depicting Ihsane Jarfi’s portrait has been painted in the Riches Claire area – rue Saint Christophe 36. Anthea Missy tells the story of this mural and what is behind it! (more…)


Dr. Takes Jabs at Trump and Brexit for NUART Aberdeen

On: billboards / Festivals / humour / inspirational / instalations / partner news / social messages / stickers / street objects / walls /

About 20 years ago, Dr. D got bored with his fly-posting day job and started creating public interventions, primarily for entertainment. Here we see his latest big scale intervention taking place in Aberdeen for one of europe’s most promising festivals – NUART Aberdeen 2108 (more…)


A welcome mural by Halfstudio in Lisbon

On: big walls / Collaboration / Festivals / lettering/calligraphy / walls /

This is a fresh Commemorative mural in Lisbon. The Portuguese duo Halfstudio created this fine wall in the heart of Lisbon for the Eurovision Song Contest of 2018.  (more…)

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Kapi Kobaya

Laura S.Rodríguez was born in Malaga (southerm Spain) in 1988. When she was 9 she moved to Pamplona (northerm Spain) after her parents divorce, however she never lost the contact with her Andalusian roots. Years went by moving between north and south, the beach and the mountains, the sun and the snow. Perhaps this was the origin of her fascination with traveling, art and culture.

Works on: pasting / social messages / walls /


SAV45 is a Barcelona based street artist who creates vibrant realistic images on walls around his city and occasionaly elsewhere.

Works on: animals / characters / colours / illustrations / inspirational / portraits / walls /

Portuguese duo Halfstudio shared their story of how they became Lettering experts with dynamic layouts sending out striking messages to the world. Find out how they start their  average day and who sings in the morning! 


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June 01, 2018 to July 01, 2018

Grenoble Street Art Fest 2018

The 4th edition of the Festival in Grenoble, The return of the Alpine street art festival.


May 29, 2018 to June 10, 2018


Here comes a street art festival named VUKOVART – goes vertical in co – organization of City of Vukovar and Val Kulture (Wave of culture) as continued manifestation of last years Vukovart.


May 26, 2018 to May 28, 2018

Meeting of Styles UK

The 9th Annual Graffiti, Art & Music Festival comes to London / May 26-28th, 2018


June 02, 2018

Tamworth urban arts and sports festival

Nue returns to Tamworth castle grounds on the 2nd June for the 8th annual urban arts and sports festival.


May 13, 2018 to June 25, 2018

3rd International Art Festival Patras | ArtWalk 3

A city is changing! The 3rd International Art Art Festival Patras | ArtWalk 3 comes and changes the city!


May 04, 2018 to June 02, 2018

The twilight zone

Burning Giraffe Art Gallery in Turin is proud to present the group show, The Twilight Zone, curated by Alessandra Ioalé, with the international artists Francesco Barbieri, Chazme, Andrea Chiesi, Etnik, Marcantonio Lunardi, Luca Lupi, Fabio Pradarelli, Sepe.


May 04, 2018 to June 02, 2018

“Incidence” solo exhibition by NEVERCREW

NEVERCREW solo exhibition “Incidence” at GCA Gallery, Paris. For this event, NEVERCREW created a new series of artworks, focusing on the idea of relationships as well as effects and consequences.


March 17, 2018 to November 04, 2018


Curated by  Bruno Ialuna, the review tells the evolution of urban art from its birth in the streets of New York to the spread in all five continents.


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Blek Le Rat visits San Francisco

On: black & white / characters / Exhibition / Specia Report / stencil / walls /

Blek’s latest visit to San Francisco was for his solo exhibition ''Let’s Get Romantic'' at Weinstein Gallery. The title of the exhibit was a tribute to his feelings about the city of San Francisco.


Udatxo amazing piece for Project 12+1

On: big walls / female artist / inspirational / partner news / realistic / walls /

Udatxo’s brilliant urban portrait for Proyect 12+1, located at the l’Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona. It is the latest project organised by the Contorno Urbano Foundation.