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Blek Le Rat Tours Middle America January 20th, 2019

The “God Father” of the stencil movement visited four cities in the United States recently. Not cities people normally think of when an internationally known street artist comes to the US. Blek did not paint in LA, NY or San Francisco.

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Spektr Crew Project in Polevskoy January 19th, 2019

The small Ural town in Russia named Polevskoy has become an open-air museum. Artists depicted objects of historic significance on the streets of Polevskoy in order to draw attention to local heritage.

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OZMO – ZED1 – RANCY murals in Milan January 18th, 2019

Art, revitalization and involvement are the objectives of smART Street Colors, the initiative promoted by the cultural association “El Redefoss” that sees OZMO, ZED1 and RANCY at work.

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8 Artist Murals in Kyiv Metro station January 16th, 2019

Recently a new mural project titled “More than us” occurred in the city of Kyiv. This beautiful public art space is available for all the visitors of “Osokorky” metro station, that was built in 1992.

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Luis Gomez New experimental mural in Rome January 15th, 2019

A new wall painting took shape from a few days at the Local Market in Locke street, Rome. Luis Gomez de Theran is the artist of the mural

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Jas Charanjiva mural in Mumbai, India January 14th, 2019

India based, self taught, female artist Jas Charanjiva recently created a large mural in Mahim East, Mumbai. Curated by St+Art India,

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2018 Street Art Collection (Special) January 12th, 2019

Probably the Best Street Art of 2018, all packed into one fine annual Collection. Just like every year, we ‘ve picked out the finest of works from everything that caught our attention during 2018. A rich variety of artistic content with works from all over the planet.

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Written On Stone by Said Dokins January 8th, 2019

Said Dokins visited the distant town of 108 inhabitants, called Villars Fontaine, located in the South of France nearby Dijon and Nuit Saint George. see what happened!

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Azar mural in Barcelona by Margalef January 7th, 2019

Once again Margalef has produced an outstanding and risky intervention in the streets of Barcelona (Spain), this time made of powerful red color gift wrap;

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