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“Macro Life” – Krayon’s pixels at High School in Rome April 19th, 2019

Wall painting curated by “a.DNA collective” for “Giacomo Vidiri” ONLUS. A tribute to biodiversity, to natural balance and to life taken from the microscope pictures and shown on the wall with the mural by Italian artist Krayon,

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URBAN NATION x Fanakapan: One Wall – Believe in Dog April 18th, 2019

With a new One Wall, artist Fanakapan critically examines social networks. Made for the URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART and curated by museum director Yasha Young.

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“Stagioni” – Greg Jager @ Turin April 17th, 2019

In Turin, a mural painting interacts with the environment. As a winner of “Collegno Si-Cura” call for artists, curated by Contrada Torino Onlus Foundationand promoted by the Municipality of Collegno (TO), Greg Jager was selected

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Street Art Mural Recently Completed on the Vegas Strip April 16th, 2019

A teacher at The Art Institute of Las Vegas was recently commissioned to transform some of the walls of a contemporary casino resort on the Vegas Strip,with a vibrant street art mural located in the Block 16 Urban Food Hall in The Cosmopolitan.

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Ayia Napa Street Art Festival 2019 April 15th, 2019

For the third time, Ayia Napa Street Art Festival took over the Cypriot city. Check out the amazing walls that were created along with some of the artists comments!

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Impressions of the ibug as a collection April 14th, 2019

The ibug festival is launching a crowdfunding campaign at VisionBakery which will finance the printing of a book  already completed volume number one.

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Bright new Contorno Urbano mural by Cristina Lina April 11th, 2019

British artist Cristina Lina creates a fun and colorful mural in the Cotxeres Borrell civic center thanks to the 12+1 project. The Contorno Urbano Foundation has created a new mural within the 12+1 project in Barcelona.

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“Save the Amazon” by Dinho Bento in New Zealand April 10th, 2019

The new mural made by Brazilian Dinho Bento at BOON Hamilton Street Art in New Zealand depicts three species threatened with extinction in the Amazon. Together with Mother Nature (Pachamama), they look to an uncertain future and full of difficulties.

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New wall by New Art pair CHISME April 8th, 2019

For years people fled from villages making us believe that being a town is the only right choice to be successful and happy.

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