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New Contorno Urbano wall by Flavita Banana March 17th, 2019

The illustrator Flavita Banana has taken part in the 12+1 project of the foundation Contorno Urbano with her artwork “Juntes sumem”* in the façade of Cotxeres Borrell culture equipment.

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Four Murals that Perfectly Capture NBA’s Influence on Street Art March 15th, 2019

Street art and basketball share a special connection. Many creators and street art admirers are also basketball fans.

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Women’s Empowerment Wall by MAR March 14th, 2019

In honor of the important date of March 8, “Women’s Day of Struggle” talented artist MAR announced the creation of her most significant work. This work was painted searching for deep meanings through sacred geometry.

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“Save The Sea” Graffmapping & Pez in Miami March 13th, 2019

Montana Colors, Pez and Graffmapping joined forces on a special occasion to be part of BaselHouse Mural Festival 2018.

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”The Secret” by Dan Ferrer March 11th, 2019

Check out the latest piece art of Dan Ferrer. “Recently artists Bezt (Etam Cru) and Natalia Rak from Poland, visited Spain to create two murals in “M.A.P.”

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REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION by Giorgio Bartocci in Italy March 10th, 2019

Urban Art Residence presents REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION by Giorgio Bartocci and curated by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicolini

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Elbi Elem stunning intervention March 6th, 2019

Artist Elbi Elem went to an abandoned place in Girona to create an inspirational piece of art. It  moves, its made of recycled materials and it is captivating.

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London Origami Raven Memorial by Airborne Mark March 5th, 2019

Origami Raven Memorial for Gordon Gibbens in London by Airborne Mark. “The origami raven was designed and painted as a memorial mural for a renowned London street art photographer

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Dodecahedron by ETNIK new installation in Barcelona March 4th, 2019

ETNIK´s installation in Barcelona is part of the project 12+1 that made paint 12 murals in 2018 on the Hospitalet wall.

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