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Zed1 fresh wall in Santander, Spain. October 16th, 2018

When it comes to big fantastic murals look no further than Zed1‘s creations. His latest majestic creation is a challenge to our minds, recently made in the city of Santander in Spain, he created this wall telling his story about death.

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Airborne Mark work for iBug Festival October 15th, 2018

Based on his origami model, Airborne Mark created an amazing piece for the Ibug Festival in Chemnitz, Germany. “It was a different event as it took place in an abandoned factory where I created a 4 wall-walk in experience-

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BLOOP closes doors for 2018 HOPE edition October 14th, 2018

BLOOP International Proactive Art festival Ibiza, this year dedicated to the theme HOPE, presented its final mural by Mexican street artist Spaik who made his third appearance in the Festival.

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Nevercrew giant Squirrel in Germany October 13th, 2018

Nevercrew made their brand new wall in Winzerla, Jena (Germany) for the “Home in Winzerla” project promoted by the city of Jena and curated by Gruppe F.

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Leon Keer mural in Detroit October 10th, 2018

Seems like the water shutoffs and massive drainage charge in Detroit has been set up to seize poor people’s homes and land to conclude deals which embraces more money on the table.

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Fabio Petani’s latest murals October 8th, 2018

Its been a busy year so far for Italian street artist Fabio Petani who has created a number of big murals around Europe on several organised festivals. We look into a few of these:

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Riccardo Buonafede huge wall for Quadricromie Festival October 6th, 2018

Italian street artist Riccardo Buonafede paints a 45 meter long wall at the Quadricromie Festival.The themes of this event are the Constitution and Sport and the painting title is: “DIVISION HANDS”.

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Tricks of perception by Peeta @Montesilvano October 5th, 2018

After his last intervention in the U.S., Peeta comes back in Italy through a big piece situated in a focusing point in the city of Montesilvano (PE). “Tricks of perception” has been painted in the last few days in one of the iconic places of the city.

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Jaune paints characters at Gaeta’s Waste Collection Centre October 4th, 2018

Belgian street artist Jaune gets site-specific by painting on Gaeta’s waste collection centre. Memorie Urbane 2018 is street artist’s Jaune first occasion to depict his iconic characters creating chaos at their home base!

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