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Dourone in Artselaar Cultural Center Belgium September 25th, 2018

Crystal Ship invited Dourone to create a piece for the Artselaar Cultural Center in Belgium. The project took place last month and it is a visual impact that is used for sowing awareness linking respect, diversity and freedom.

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Bifido latest mural in Rome September 24th, 2018

Bifido makes a mural to comemorate the battle between Nazi fascism and the people in Rome. The uprise of locals against the totalitarian rascist occupants ended up with the death of 53 civilians just 75 years ago.

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Jazoo Yang (KR) – Dots and Crosses for Nuart Festival 2018 September 23rd, 2018

Korean artist Jazoo Yang rallies against gentrification with two new works in Stavanger for Nuart Festival 2018

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Jan Vormann aka Lego Man for Nuart 2018 September 21st, 2018

Jan Vormann stocks up on “street cred” at Nuart Festival with one of his biggest installations to date

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Murmure introduce their art at Nuart September 20th, 2018

Murmure (FR) are Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roche, two drawing enthusiasts who´ve been working in public spaces since 2010 and yet whose invitation to Nuart Festival in Stavanger marked their first participation in a Street Art Festival.

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NEVERCREW in Aalborg, Denmark September 19th, 2018

“Nuances selection”, a multiple mural intervention by NEVERCREW, that was recently realised in Aalborg (Denmark) in the Løvvangen, Nørresundby area, for a project curated by WEAArt, 2018. Yet another inspirational set of creations by the Swiss masters of street art.

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Stories of a Word by Said Dokins for Nuart September 18th, 2018

For this year´s Nuart Festival, Mexican artist Said Dokins creates a mural inspired by the experiences of foreigners who have settled in Stavanger, either through choice or necessity.

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Gainesville gains new mural by Peeta September 17th, 2018

The 204 Building in downtown of Gainesville, USA, got a fresh new look with the work of Peeta/ (Manuel Di Rita). This fine work explores the potential of sculptural lettering, both in painting and in sculpture.

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Bifido in Maranola, Italy September 15th, 2018

The Spanish artist Bifido presented his latest work in Italy, located on an unusual spot for this type of art. The midevil tower with a backdrop view to the sea, is the font to his inspiring artwork.

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